If you desire to temybe different...

Classical wedding is wonderful. Try to leave it up to us if you feel you would like to be different in any way.

We want to get to know you and to find out together what outlines you the most. We are not short of creativity and ideas. Let yourselves be inspired by few of our concepts.


Our offer of wedding themes:

Romantic wedding

Would you like to feel like princess from fairy tale or as a main protagonist of romantic movie? We will gladly arrange the wedding exactly according to your idea. Let yourself be taken to your love on horse carriage wearing wonderful dress.

Traditional Slovak wedding

Together we will recollect the traditions and traditional customs Slovakia offers. Traditional costume instead of wedding dress, traditional folk music and elder instead of DJ, plum brandy instead of sparkling wine. Together with traditional „farewell“ ceremony at parents’ house and „cap“ ceremony at midnight, they will create a long remembered wedding.

Swing wedding

Travel few decades back in time and enjoy the atmosphere of this attractive age, which offers more than only good music – lace dress, beads, swing headbands, bow ties, cigars, elegance and charm. Swing can bring magic to your wedding day you will not forget.

Vintage wedding

Nature, old books, lace wedding dress, fancy tie or our grand mothers’ hairstyles. Lots of beautiful small things that remind you of something and also mean something to you. It is one of the ways to describe Vintage wedding. It is one of our most favourite ones.

Winter fairy tale

Snowflakes, hills covered with snow and sleigh carried by horses are a wonderful complement of wedding in winter. Give your wedding mystic atmosphere of this magic season. Wedding in winter can be as beautiful and emotional as in any other time. Put on a white fur coat and enjoy the day like a fairy tale of Cinderella.